Represented by salvador agency. Managed by @angelacariddi.

Agostina Goñi, a versatile and authentic actress, has dedicated over 15 years to honing her craft in the performing arts. Starting with early immersion in musical theater classes, her passion led her to venture into the film industry, shining in Carlos Cabero's "On-Camera Acting" course and starring in the feature film "We Were Never Angels." Further enriching her training, she pursued studies in dramatic arts in London under the representation of Paloma Juanes, engaging in upcoming cinematic projects.


Noteworthy entries in her filmography include a pivotal role in the fifth season of "Elite" on Netflix, particularly in episodes 2 and 5. Her impactful contribution extends to Mabel Lozano's documentary series, "The Pimp."

In the realm of music videos, Agostina has left an indelible mark, featuring prominently in Delaossa and Cruzcafuné's "Lejos" and lending her voice to Delaossa's "Veneno," boasting over 20 million plays on Spotify. Her presence extends to Tres' "Ella Exótica."


Skills and Talents 

Beyond acting, Agostina showcases versatility in ballet, ballroom dancing, horseback riding, and surfing, highlighting her exceptional ability to diversify talents.

Her academic background in multimedia journalism from Francisco de Vitoria University seamlessly merges with her artistic pursuits, bringing on-camera skills and interview direction to television, radio, and the dynamic world of podcasts.


Managed by Muse Agency in the UK, Agostina's modeling career aligns seamlessly with her acting endeavors, featuring collaborations with esteemed brands like Maybelline, Bershka, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and ambassadorship for GOI. 

Her professionalism and versatility solidify her standing as a prominent figure in the modeling industry.

Digital Presence 

Agostina's digital footprint is substantial, with an Instagram profile (@emetam_) boasting 135 thousand followers and a TikTok (@emetam_) nearing 300 thousand, providing a platform to share her love for acting, fashion, and lifestyle, as well as showcasing her directorial work in short films.



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